TravelTime platform

We make location data searchable using travel time, not distance

Search API

Improve the relevancy of your location-based search feature. Rather than finding points of interest within a 5 mile radius, your users can search for what's reachable within 30 minutes drive. Creates unique travel time shapes and never assumes that people can go as the crow flies. It's possible to switch to TravelTime in 2 dev days and is proven to increase conversions by 300%.


Create your own travel time map. Pick a maximum travel time, start point and transport mode to draw a unique map for free. Draw up to 3 shapes on the same map to see where's reachable from more than one start location. Choose from public transport, walking, driving and cycling maps. Search points of Foursquare interest within a travel time area.

TravelTime Maps

Office relocation analysis

Find out the best location for an office relocation. Plot employee addresses to identify where's the best place to relocate. Compare existing commutes to times to other locations for the whole organisation or focus on each individual. Helps HR communicate how a new office move will impact staff and predict staff turnover. Upload anonymous employee data, analyse commute times and receive data as a CSV or visualise on a map.


Download postcode data

Discover the most relevant locations using travel time catchment area data. Export postcode areas, districts, and full units fast. For example, users can find out which postcodes fall within a 30 minute drive from their retail location. Improve the accuracy of location-based decision making, audience targeting and identifying site locations.


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